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Name of the centre

Vertalershuis Antwerpen/Translators’ House Antwerp

Address & contact

Address Translators’ House:
Steenbokstraat 40
2018 Antwerpen

Contact Translators’ House:
Flemish Literature Fund
Generaal Van Merlenstraat 30
2600 Berchem (Antwerpen)
T: +32 3 270 31 61
F: +32 3 270 31 60

E-mail: vertalershuis@vfl.be
Website: www.vfl.be/vertalershuis (in Dutch) or www.flemishliterature.be/translatorshouse (in English)

How to find us

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Karen Thys

Date of creation

In January 2009, the Flemish Translators’ House moved from Leuven to Antwerp to be managed by the Flemish Literature Fund (FLF). The FLF is an autonomous government institution created to implement Flanders’ literary policy. It supports Dutch-language literature in Flanders, as well as translations from Dutch into foreign languages and vice versa. Its mission is to enable the creation, the production and the presentation of literary works by means of granting subventions and supplying information and documentation. The FLF also promotes Flemish literature abroad. The FLF organizes and finances projects and collaborations in Flanders as well as elsewhere.

Legal status

Part of the foreign policy of the FLF

Description of the centre

The Translators’ House is located in the dynamic Zurenborg quarter in Antwerp, at the border with the Berchem district and within walking distance of the Flemish Literature Fund offices. In the middle of a beautiful neighbourhood, known for its cosy squares and authentic mansions, the Translators’ House forms an inspiring location in which to work quietly and intently. The lively city center is easily accessible by public transport or city bike.

The Translators’ House is situated on the second floor of the imposing Oostkasteel residence and consists of a two bedroom apartment, each bedroom with its own working space and bathroom. The kitchen, eating area and sitting-room are shared. Each workplace is equipped with a computer, a printer and free wireless internet. The library of the Translators’ House contains a collection of Flemish literature and dictionaries as well as other reference works. The translators have access to the large roof terrace of the building which offers a panoramic view over the city of Antwerp.

Visitors will be eligible for a fixed living allowance of 1.000 euro per month (pro rata). The translators’ stay is free of charges, except for a contribution of € 115 per month for gas and electricity, which is deducted from the living allowance. The length of stay is one month.


The FLF puts translators in contact with authors, publishers, dramatists and literary organisations in Flanders. It informs about literary manifestations and is the contact point during the translator’s stay in the Translators’ House in Antwerp.

When open

The apartment is available all year round.

Financial sources

The Ministry of Culture of the Flemish Community and Antwerp Book City donate a yearly amount to the FLF to run the Translators’ House.

Cooperation with other institutions

The Translators’ House can count on the cooperation of a number of literary partners with which the FLF has made agreements.

The educational establishments in the city (Lessius Hogeschool Antwerp department of applied linguistics, Artesis Hogeschool Antwerp department of Translators and Interpreters and the literary faculty of the University of Antwerp) grant translators free access to their specialised libraries where they can also consult reference books. An exchange of expertise is also possible with lecturers, students and so forth. Finally, in consultation with the educational establishments, translators can give readings, guest lecturers and workshops at Lessius, Artesis or UA, depending on the language and programmes.

The Translators’ House is also imbedded in the literary fabric of the city, through agreements between the FLF and museums (Literature House and the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library), Antwerp Book City, the professional organisation of the Flemish book sector ‘boek.be’ and the public municipal library to which translators also have free access.

The Literary Translation Expertise Centre (ELV) is a regular partner with which we continually collaborate on workshops, tutorships, knowledge transfer, courses and suchlike.

Admission requirements

In order to qualify for a stay and a grant, literary translators must comply with all the conditions. First of all, they must be able to produce proof of the necessary expertise for translating Dutch language literature. They also have to be in possession of a contract with a publisher for the translation of a Flemish or Dutch author. Finally, the title to be translated must be relevant for the export of Dutch-language literature.