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Name of the centre

Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (LCB)

Address & Contact

Am Sandwerder 5, D-14109 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: 49 - (0)30 - 816 99 60
Fax: 49 - (0)30 - 81699619
E-mail: becker@lcb.de
Website: www.lcb.de

How to find us

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Legal Structure

Private non-profit association.


The LCB was founded in 1963 as a workplace for german and international writers. More and more attention has been given to the field of literary translation since the 1980s. The LCB hosts the Deutscher Übersetzerfonds (“German Tranbslator’s Fund”), founded in 1997.

Financial Sources

The LCB is financed by the City of Berlin and gets support from the German Foreign Ministry and private foundations and sponsors.


Managing Director: Dr. Ulrich Janetzki
Programm Manager, resonsible for Translation: Jürgen Jakob Becker

Brief description

The Literary Colloquium Berlin (LCB), founded by Walter Höllerer in 1963, is an event forum and guest house, workplace and talent factory for authors and translators. The LCB enjoys the reputation of an institution of international significance through it’s promotional programs, project initiatives and the magazine “Sprache im technischen Zeitalter” (“Language in the technical age”). Public readings, workshops for authors and translators, and guests from all over the world make the house at the Wannsee a place of vivid literary activity and exchange. Since 1989, exchange with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe constitute a focus of the LCB’s program. Long-term cooperation (et al. Deutschlandfunk (German radio), Goethe Institute, Leipzig Book Fair, Robert Bosch Foundation) guarantee the continuous literary procurement beyond language borders.

No. of rooms

11 guest rooms.

When open

Open all year round.


No library


Wireless LAN

Common facilities

Fully equipped kitchen for guests.
Seminar room seating: 20
Room for public readings/events.

Cost of residency / Bursaries

Bursaries available for Translators of German Literature: “Schritte-Stipendien”: four weeks-stay for translators of german literature from south-eastern Europa and Turkey.


Workshops and seminars for literary translators. International Meetings. Public readings.

Cooperation with other institutions

German Translation Fund, Goethe Institut, Robert Bosch Foundation, a.o.

Admission requirements

Residencies and workshops: only on application, dates see www.lcb.de and www.uebersetzercolloquium.de