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Name Of The Centre

Europäisches Übersetzer-Kollegium Nordrhein-Westfalen in Straelen e.V.
Short Name: Europäisches Übersetzer-Kollegium (European Translators’ College)

Address & Contact

Address: Kuhstrasse 15 - 19
D-47638 Straelen

Postfach 11 62
D-47628 Straelen

Tel.: 49 - (0)2834 1068 and -1069
Fax: 49 - (0)2834 7544

E-mail: euk.straelen@t-online.de, euk@euk-straelen.de
Website: www.euk-straelen.de

How to find us

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Legal Structure

Private non-profit association.


Straelen was founded in 1978 by Elmar Tophoven and Dr. Klaus Birkenhauer as the first literary translators’ college worldwide and has been devoted to promoting the professional quality of literary translation ever since.

Financial Sources

The centre is supported by grants awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the Land of North Rhine-Westfalia, the town of Straelen and various other institutions.


President: Claus Sprick
Vice President: Dr. Renate Birkenhauer
Managing Director: Karin Heinz
Head Librarian: Dr. Regina Peeters
Translator in Residence (changing every 3 months)
2 half-time secretaries

Brief Description

Working centre for literary translators only, consisting of six little houses clustered around a roof-lit library, amidst a flat agricultural area close to the Dutch border. Great for cyclists; numerous pubs and some restaurants, but no major distractions - Straelen is meant for serious work and nothing but.

No. Of Rooms

16 apartments with private shower and WC.
13 rooms with private washbasin only.

When Open

Open all year round.


125.000 volumes, comprising 35.000 dictionaries and reference works in more than 275 languages, accessible to house guests day and night all year. Electronic catalogue. Vast selection of dictionaries and literature on cd-rom.


All studio apartments are fitted out with PCs. They allow access to the internet 24 hours a day
Scanner, several laser printers

Common Facilities

2 fully equipped kitchens.
Dining room seating 20.
Seminar room seating 16.

Cost of residency / Bursaries

None for translators receiving no scholarship or bursary (except a small weekly contribution for general costs)
Inquire about bursaries available for 3 to 12 weeks. Some bursaries include additional money for living expenses and part of travel costs.


No language teaching, no study curriculum.
Workshops and seminars for small special interest groups of professional translators.

Cooperation with other institutions

Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf; German Translation Fund; Kunststiftung NRW;

Admission Requirements

We receive more than 750 translators from over 55 countries per year, mostly staying for not less than one week and not more than three months.

Admission depends upon places available and the merit of your translation project. We accept all language combinations. House guests should however have some knowledge of German or at least English to get along on their own.

Application: No forms to be filled out. Just give a brief description of your translation project, submit a copy of your publishing contract as well as a list of published translations and indicate how long you would like to stay, indicating alternative dates.

Other Remarks

Spouses, children and animals not admitted.