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Name of the centre

Casa delle Traduzioni

Address & Contact

via degli Avignonesi 32
00187 Roma
Italy Tel.: 39 (0)645460720
E-mail: casadelletraduzioni@bibliotechediroma.it
Website: www.bibliotu.it/casadelletraduzioni and http://www.comune.roma.it

How to find us

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Simona Cives


The Casa delle Traduzioni was founded in 2011, in response to an ever-growing interest in the role and task of the translator.

Legal Structure

The Casa delle Traduzioni is part of Biblioteche di Roma, the local government institution which runs the city library system.

Brief description

The Casa delle Traduzioni is located in the centre of Rome. It is a bright and welcoming space with new shelving and furniture and access for wireless laptop users


The Casa delle Traduzioni offers self-catering accommodation. Guest resident translators have unlimited use of the library, the lodging area and the kitchen.


A research library for translators


The Casa delle Traduzioni aims to highlight the work of the translator and to promote the Italian language and literature throughout the world. It is a centre for research, a place where translators from any country in the world can meet up and exchange ideas

Cooperation with other institutions

Commissione Europea, Fondazione Mondadori, Fondazione Universitaria San Pellegrino (FUSP), Giornate della Traduzione Letteraria di Urbino, Ministero degli Affari Esteri, PETRA, RECIT, Strade - Sindacato Traduttori Editoriali

Admission requirements

The Residence at the Casa delle Traduzioni is a non-profit, non-hotel accommodation The Residence is mainly designed to host foreign translators working on translations of Italian writers but all the language combinations are welcome. Preference is given to literary translators.The Casa delle Traduzioni hosts foreign translators from any country as long as they have the necessary professional credentials. Residence can, in certain situations, also be offered free of charge to cultural figures with the specific approval of the authorities of the institution. The minimum stay is fifteen days and the maximum stay is forty-five days.The residence is closed from August 1 - September 15 and during the Christmas and Easter holidays.